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The ULTRA II combines all the power and speed of AGILE's 3270 printer controllers with XES to PCL translation in one box.

This unit attaches to any IBM mainframe with a 3174, 3274 or 3276 controller via an RG62 A/U coax input port, and supports printers with IEEE 1284C-compliant parallel interface.

Using its seamless XES to PCL translation option, which AGILE pioneered, the ULTRA II lets you migrate to PCL printers without having to change the existing XES data streams. Emulation of Xerox diagnostics is also provided for reliable troubleshooting, should it be needed.

The ULTRA II features 512K FLASH memory for storage of resources, such as fonts (both portrait and landscape).

The ULTRA II is configured through the parallel input port. The simple, one-button front panel selects all operation modes.

Other AGILE products, such as the Ultra, Ally and Ally Plus models, may be replaced with the ULTRA II, without having to reconfigure data streams.



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