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The X/TRA XLi II sets the industry standard for XES (Xerox Escape Sequence) to PCL translation and is designed specifically for the Xerox DocuPrint N series of network laser printers.


Featuring the same great translation engine that powers AGILE's other XES conversion products, the XLi II is the first internal solution compatible with the Xerox DocuPrint N17, N24, N32 and N40 network laser printers.

This unit installs easily and draws power from the printer, so there are no additional plugs or wires. Data streams are fed to the X/TRA XLi II through a high-density DB-26 parallel connection and returned to the printer through the standard Centronics parallel port.

Fonts are desixelized, compressed and stored in the XLi's 512K of FLASH in both portrait and landscape formats.

Configuration is handled through AGILE's powerful software utility XTRAEDIT.

Support is available toll-free from AGILE's superior technical support and service staff, and all units come with AGILE's one year factory warranty.



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